Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Organic LED / Sphelar Solar Mash Up

Sphelar Solar Cells OLEDs

We were talking about new sustainable technologies at lunch the other day (imagine that) and we came up with a new building integrated photovoltaic and lighting system. The possibilities are limitless.

We have covered Sphelar Solar Cells in an earlier post. Tiny spherical solar cells are joined together on a transparent surface to form a solar panel. One application is to put the cells on windows where they can temper the light while powering a building. The dots disappear when you take a few steps back from the window, in fact many commercial buildings have dots painted on the exterior glazing to control glare.

So far so good. We have windows that make power for our building. The “killer app” is to add a layer of organic LEDs or OLEDs to the windows. The OLED / Sphelar Solar matrix can be on a single lite of glass. The whole window can thus become a light absorbing and light emitting source. OLEDs are very efficient and they can be any color, display patterns or show moving images.

Please note this Solar/OLED is not on the market and as far as we know no-one is actively developing it.

This technology, if ever developed, could lead to buildings that change their appearance or it could lead to Times Square on steroids…..Hmmmm

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