Friday, July 27, 2007

CO2 LED Project

Public art addresses environmental concerns and leads the way to the annual Planet Arlington World Music Festival

Arlington, Virginia, June 2007

A trio of environmentally-friendly artists, Jack Sanders, Robert Gay, and Butch Anthony have created a temporary public artwork in Rosslyn

Through Sept 1, 2007. The project, titled CO2LED, is erected in a the traffic island at near the Iwo Jima memorial. On display through Labor Day, CO2LED celebrates environmental stewardship and beckons the way to the second annual Planet Arlington World Music Festival.

552 solar-powered LEDs (light-emitting diodes) secured to rods of varying heights, each topped with a reused plastic drink bottle, illuminate the traffic island in an unmistakably beautiful way. The poles’ slight flexibility, combined with the LEDs’ nebulous glow underneath the ridged surfaces of the plastic drink bottles, create a soft, undulating cloud of light. A native American prairie grass, little bluestem, is planted beneath the poles and stands in contrast to the grid upon which the poles are installed.

At the end of the exhibit I hope someone finds a way to preserve this inspiring use of solar energy.

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