Thursday, November 29, 2007

8 Watt Computer for Rural Africa


Aleutia Computer - 8 Watts of Linux Power

(This is a reposting with minor editing from the Aleutia Website)

Aleutia Works in places other computers don’t.

  • During peak performance, the Aluetia E1 consumes just 8W of power, 4% of what a typical (200W) desktop uses. Runs off a car battery or a cheap solar panel.
  • Keep Working During Power Cuts! A UPS that will keep a standard desktop running for 15 minutes will power an E1 for 6.5 hours!
  • Everything is stored on a CF card, which can be instantly removed to ensure security of your information.
  • Efficient web browser for slow Internet connections. (should be blazing fast w/ broadband)
  • Discounted 5-Pack for rural schools available, with low-power displays, solar panel, and battery.

Every application you need and as fast as XP

Puppy Linux is pre-installed. Completely Stable and Fast!

  • Practically identical interface to Windows, no learning curve required!
  • Office-compatible - create/modify/save Excel and Word files, or even PDFs.
  • Spreadsheet program opens in 3 seconds.

Works Off-the-Grid, Available with LCD, Solar Panel

For aid workers, meteorologists, field engineers, and people on the move.

  • Ultra-portable version: E1 with 8″ Display, foldable solar panel, and lightweight battery.
  • Fits in laptop bag, takes 5 minutes to set up.
  • Display and E1 run for 3.5 hours on a charge. Can recharge by car.

Or buy a kit with roof-mounted solar panel and 9kgs battery for less!

  • Ideal for healthcare clinics, remote offices, or just individuals without power.
  • 30 minute set up.
  • Will power E1 and display for 13 hours on a charge.

Linux seems to be so efficient, requiring smaller hard drives and ram.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

High-Tech Solutions to Oil Spills: Human Hair


As long as we're stuck in this fossil-fueled economy, there will be a need for tools that can clean up oil spills. And while there are a lot of high-tech solutions out there, the citizens of San Francisco have been using, of all things, mats made of human hair.

Lisa Gautier gathered the hair from local salons and had them fashioned into mats for use for the San Francisco Department of the Environment. The hair naturally separates the oil from the water, leaving behind big tar-filled glob of hairy toxicity and happy, fresh ocean water. Mushrooms are then seeded on the tar globs, they grow, digesting the oil into non-toxic organics, which can then be composted into soil...y' grow your veggies.

All I can say...I wouldn't believe it if it weren't San Francisco...

Via Inhabitat


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BMW Palace of Auto Sales


BMW Welt
BMW Welt - Solar and So Much More

It’s hard not to be a bit snarky reviewing this new homage to consumption.

BMW Welt is a $275 million dollar German Uber Dealership. If a typical BMW dealership can be considered a church then BMW Welt is Saint Peter’s Cathedral, according to one BMW exec. Other BMW personnel have been heard comparing their new showroom to the Acropolis, a Museum and other well liked objects. The building’s steel and glass façade reminds me of a physics textbook sketch showing the curvature of space-time. From some views it looks a bit like the TWA terminal at Kennedy Airport.

The 16,500 m2 (177,500 ft2) expanse of roof has an impressive roof-integrated photovoltaic system made up of 3,660 solar modules with a total capacity of 824kW (peak).

The facility includes the premium lounge where soon to be new car owners can await delivery, a public gallery, a conference suite and children’s center. The Space Time Cone will act as a media pavillion for exhibitions and events accommodating up to 450 people. BMW anticipates over 800,000 visitors per year.