Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Affordable Green Housing in Harlem

A new urban vision will became reality soon in Harlem with the opening of David & Joyce Dinkins Gardens. The building designed for foster care graduates and low-income families, was co-developed by Jonathan Rose Companies and Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement (HCCI) to promote a better quality of life for its residents with community gardens, job training for youth and multiple green building features. Dinkins Gardens, Harlem’s first green building that is 100 percent for low-income residents, demonstrates that environmentally responsible design can work within an affordable housing budget, and that residents can reinforce green aspects of the site.

“Dinkins Gardens is the new model for affordable housing,” said Jonathan Rose, co-developer on the project. “Green projects like these are tremendous investments in the future of the community. By integrating social services, job training, affordable housing and green design, we’re modeling what the future of Harlem and New York City - in fact, cities nationwide - can be.”

The green features of David and Joyce Dinkins Gardens promote energy efficiency, conservation and the quality of life, enhance the urban environment, and reduce utility costs for residents. By employing an integrated design approach from the outset Dattner Architects was able to specify energy-efficient mechanical systems, a high-performance wall and roof system, green building materials such as recycled components, and low-VOC materials at no significant additional cost to the project.

Some Green features of Dinkins Gardens:
  • A Green Grid Roof system in which a portion of the roof is planted, thanks to a grant from the Home Depot Foundation.

  • A Rainwater Harvesting System will funnel water from the roof into storage tanks to be used for irrigation, reducing utility costs and stormwater run-off.

  • Solar Shades on the south facade. Exterior sun shading on the south-facing exposure keeps apartments cooler in the summer, while allowing winter sunlight in.

  • Energy Star-Rated Appliances and Light Fixtures provide additional savings to both the residents and owner of the building.

More Info: Jonathon Rose

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