Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bio Based Jet Fuel

Solena Group, a Washington, D.C.-based company is developing a commercial scale bio-jet fuel production plant in Gilroy California.

Solena is in the permitting and design phase of the project, which should begin operation in 2011. When fully operational it will produce syngas generated from municipal, agricultural and forestry waste provided by Norcal Waste Systems Inc., one of California’s largest municipal waste and biomass collectors.

The process of converting biomass into jet fuel is accomplished by feeding biomass, including agricultural, forestry and municipal waste, into a 5,000-degrees Celsius gasification reactor powered by plasma heating system, producing Bio-SynGas. The product is cooled and cleaned and then funneled into gas-to-liquid equipment that converts it into clean diesel and jet fuel. The technology used was developed in Germany in 1923. It converts the carbon monoxide and hydrogen into a wide arrange of hydrocarbons including diesel, methane, and heavy waxes.

More at: BioMass Magazine

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