Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BioDiesel Tree - BioFuel Without Chemical Processing

Farmers in Australia are planting trees that produce bio-diesel. Over 20,000 trees have been sold so far in tropical parts of Australia.

The Copaifera langsdorfii or “Diesel Tree” produces an oil that can be extracted in a manner similar to tapping a Maple tree. It can then be filtered and used as bio-diesel without any further processing.

A mature tree produces 15 – 20 liters of fuel every six months, or around 12,000 liters of fuel per hectare per year.

The Copaifera langsdorfii are thirsty, they need a lot of water to grow, so they are ideally suited for areas with tropical temperatures and high rainfall.

More info at Treehugger, Purdue University,

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