Monday, May 5, 2008

Algae BioFuel Breakthrough

AlgaeLink has developed a new method of oil extraction for the production of algae oil without the use of any expensive or dangerous chemicals, centrifuge, dryer or oil press

AlgaeLink, a European leader in alternative energy production, announced today that they have developed a new way to extract oil out of wet algae paste. With this new method the algae paste is collected from the AlgaeLink reactor through filtering or centrifugation and directly, without any drying, processed in AlgaeLink?s newly developed oil extraction system for which patent is pending. This production process saves a lot of time and energy. This system not only makes the use of algae oil eco-friendly but also the production of it. Total power consumption used in a 45m³ per hour oil extraction process is just 26 kW to turn 50% of the algae paste into oil.

AlgaeLink is engaged in research and development of algae cultivation as an energy source for the production of biodiesel, as an economically feasible and eco-friendly alternative to dinosaur-based fuels. Micro-algae have a high potential yield compared to vegetable oil crops. Moreover, algae based biofuel doesn’t use valuable crop land. Some species of algae are ideally suited for biofuel production due to their high oil content, some as much as 50%, and their extremely fast growth rate.

Via: Algaelink

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