Monday, May 5, 2008

Cheap Plentiful Solar Electricity

The last few years have seen dozens of new solar photovoltaic improvements including thin film solar, new wiring, nano technologies and direct printing of photovoltaic panels on an aluminum foil substrate. However even with all these developments that should reduce costs and improve performance, the cost of solar panels has stayed about the same or has possibly gone up.

Until now.

From Technology Review:

Solar electricity is about to get much cheaper, industry analysts predict, because a shortage of the silicon used in solar panels is almost over. That could lead to a sharp drop in prices over the next couple of years, making solar electricity comparable to power from the grid… Solar power cost about $4 a watt in the early 2000s, but silicon shortages, which began in 2005, have pushed up prices to more than $4.80 per watt, according to Solarbuzz

A report from Michael Rogol, an analyst at Photon Consulting, says that demand for solar panels will quickly rise in response to even slightly cheaper prices, holding the price drop between 2007 and 2010 to a mere 20 percent. …

Regardless of the growth in demand,.. over the next couple of years, production of solar panels will double each year.

Via: Technology Review

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