Friday, September 28, 2007

Aptera Electric Hybrid Car - Revisited


Aptera Electric Hybrid Car - Revisited

Aptera 2

The Aptera as a Concept Car

Aptera 1

Production Apteras Look Like This

The Aptera, previously covered here, is about to go into production. Aptera is taking $500.00 refundable deposits on either their all electric car or their diesel-electric hybrid. Both models are under $30k.

Aptera reports their prototype hybrid car gets 320 miles per gallon while driving at 55 mph. (!!!) When I previously posted about the Aptera I was skeptical of their claim of 330 mpg. now with their prototype getting 320 mpg I admit I am very impressed. I am also impressed at how closely the production model matches the prototype. Changes from concept to working prototype often sacrifice the original vision of a design, but in this case I think the engineers at Aptera have stuck with and improved upon a pretty radical design. One example is the windows which are now larger and more like standard automobile windows.

Well, the question for us all is - do we want to drive a really different looking car that gets incredible mileage?

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