Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BMW Palace of Auto Sales


BMW Welt
BMW Welt - Solar and So Much More

It’s hard not to be a bit snarky reviewing this new homage to consumption.

BMW Welt is a $275 million dollar German Uber Dealership. If a typical BMW dealership can be considered a church then BMW Welt is Saint Peter’s Cathedral, according to one BMW exec. Other BMW personnel have been heard comparing their new showroom to the Acropolis, a Museum and other well liked objects. The building’s steel and glass façade reminds me of a physics textbook sketch showing the curvature of space-time. From some views it looks a bit like the TWA terminal at Kennedy Airport.

The 16,500 m2 (177,500 ft2) expanse of roof has an impressive roof-integrated photovoltaic system made up of 3,660 solar modules with a total capacity of 824kW (peak).

The facility includes the premium lounge where soon to be new car owners can await delivery, a public gallery, a conference suite and children’s center. The Space Time Cone will act as a media pavillion for exhibitions and events accommodating up to 450 people. BMW anticipates over 800,000 visitors per year.

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