Thursday, June 19, 2008

Broadstar AeroCam Wind Turbine



This Broadstar's AeroCam turbine design (pictured) is a head-turner. We can't describe it any better than our source:

[the] new design is based on principles first established by the French aeronautical engineer Georges Jean Marie Darrieus (1888-1979), who invented a wind turbine capable of operating from any direction and under adverse weather conditions. Darrieus machines typically have a vertical axis, whereas the AeroCam design has a horizontal axis with multiple blades, giving it the appearance of a water wheel. The major innovation in the design, however, is the ability to automatically and interactively adjust the pitch or angle of attack of the aerodynamic blades as the turbine rotates, thereby optimizing its performance for much the same reasons a bird changes the shape of its wing in flight.

The Broadstar website page for media downloads has some very helpful depictions of how the device might be integrated into conventional windfarms, on building roofs, and so on.

Via::Energy Daily, BroadStar Achieves Breakthrough In Low-Cost Energy Production With New Generation Wind Turbine Image credit::Broadstar

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