Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ECO-CEL Phone Recycling Program

source: http://greentechnolog.com/2008/06/ecocell_phone_recycling_program.html

eco cell phone recyclingCell phones are a modern day wonder ... they can do some pretty neat things and make our lives easier ... but can be part of a toxic waste stream if not properly disposed.

How many do you have lying around in drawers and desks and where-ever?

cell phone waste

"ECO-CELL ... cell phone recycling program for environmentally minded fundraisers. ... provide our conservation partners with the most profitable, easy to use and environmentally sound cell phone recycling program possible."

Want to know more about the "secret life of cell phones?" Check out this interesting You Tube video ...

You Tube "Secret Live of Cell Phones - INFORM"

Need ideas for getting ride of your old cell phone while keeping hazardous materials out of the waste stream ... READ ON >>>

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