Monday, June 9, 2008

GreenTech: Concept PC Is Low Power, Easy to Update


Ben Chase concept PC
There are two things that make computers generally pretty lousy for the environment:
  1. They use a lot of energy.
  2. They become obsolete fairly quickly which means they contribute the global e-waste problem.
Design student Ben Chase has designed a concept PC aimed at solving both of these problems. The computer is capable of running Windows (he doesn't say whether it's running Windows Vista or XP), and uses just 27 watts of power, which is pretty low by desktop standards and not too bad by laptop standards either.

The PC is also modular, which means you can upgrade components simply by sliding them in and out. No tools necessary. So if a computer maker were to bring this PC to market, they would offer modules with items like hard drives, DVD drives, or other components. And the easier it is to upgrade a PC, the less likely it is that you'll wind up throwing the whole box out.

[via Engadget]

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