Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An idea whose time has come: volcano power!


Climate change skeptics often argue that volcanic activity could be playing a much bigger role in global warming than we realize. As it turns out, they might just be on to something. Volcanoes could actually be used to fight global warming. Experts say that Americans are only just waking up the immense power of the nation's geothermal resources. According to some studies, the US could be supplying 25% of its energy needs by tapping into the ancient renewable resources deep beneath the earth's surface.

Obvious sites like volcanoes and hot springs are already being scouted for renewable energy production -- the main obstacles are public policy and a general lack of know-how. Only a handful of states have a background in geothermal energy, while most have stuck with old fashioned hydrocarbons. As oil prices continue to skyrocket, and renewable energy continues to rise in popularity, states with hefty geothermal resources are trying to get investors to explore the explosive (sorry for the pun) possibilities.

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