Friday, June 27, 2008

Industrial-scale waste-to-ethanol facility planned to Edmenton


Edmonton Skyline
photo by Wade Kelly

Recently it feels like I’ve been writing “world’s first” quite frequently, though “world’s largest” might come in a close second. Greenfield Ethanol's plan for Edmonton, Canada is the latest project to warrant a “first”.

The first in question is the world’s first industrial scale facility to produce biofuels from municipal solid waste. Under a 25-year agreement with the city, the $70 million facility will initially produce 36 million liters of biofuel per year. Greenfield claims that this will reduce Alberta’s carbon footprint by more than 6 million tonnes over the next 25 years, an amount it says is equal to removing 12,000 cars off the road every year. The project will be jointly developed by Greenfield Ethanol and Enerkem.

Touting the project, Enerkem CEO Vincent Chornet said, “This new facility will be a first for both the biofuels and waste management industries. This is the world’s first agreement signed between a large urban center and a biofuel producer to turn municipal waste into ethanol.”

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