Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Free Energy!!


More Free Energy!!

Paul Calver of Ecowatts Holds Free Energy Device

Just days after posting Free Energy!, another free energy machine has been discovered. This time it is a water heater that is 150 - 200% efficient. Just plug it in and a “secret catalyst” adds energy to the flow of water. According to Ecowatts, the company promoting this wonder, a professor at the University of York has measured the output and determined that it was indeed producing more energy than was put into it. Please check out our previous post on Free Energy! and how to spot an energy hoax.

I’m afraid even professors at universities can be deceived or they can deceive themselves, remember Cold Fusion?

From The Mail:

The system - developed by scientists at a firm called Ecowatts in a nondescript laboratory on an industrial estate at Lancing, West Sussex - involves passing an electrical current through a mixture of water, potassium carbonate (otherwise known as potash) and a secret liquid catalyst, based on chrome.

This creates a reaction that releases an incredible amount of energy compared to that put in. If the reaction takes place in a unit surrounded by water, the liquid heats up, which could form the basis for a household heating system.

If the technology can be developed on a domestic scale, it means consumers will need much less energy for heating and hot water - creating smaller bills and fewer greenhouse gases.

Jim Lyons, of the University of York, independently evaluated the system. He said: ‘Let’s be honest, people are generally pretty sceptical about this kind of thing. Our team was happy to take on the evaluation, even if to prove it didn’t work.

‘But this is a very efficient replacement for the traditional immersion heater. We have examined this interesting technology and when we got the rig operating, we were getting 150 to 200 per cent more energy out than we put in, without trying too hard.

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