Friday, March 24, 2006

New Global Warming Ads


Girl and Train

It is a rare event when the announcement of a new commercial makes my day seem brighter, but the Ad Council and the Environmental Defense Fund have put together a compelling new TV advertisement campaign similar to the litterbug and crying Indian campaigns of years ago. I have viewed the ads on You Tube, and I think they are the right message at the right time.

From the press release files at

(Washington, D.C.) Environmental Defense and the Advertising Council are launching a series of television and radio public service announcements urging Americans to fight global warming in their everyday lives. The ad launch follows the release today of a nationwide survey that reveals that most Americans recognize the problem of global warming and are willing to help solve it by changing their daily habits to save energy and cut pollution.

The new global warming campaign marks a watershed moment in the effort to stir the public consciousness about global warming. The Ad Council has created some of the most iconic media campaigns of the past century, including Smokey Bear, Vince and Larry the Crash Test Dummies, Iron Eyes Cody (the Crying Indian), Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk, and campaigns on polio, AIDS, and drug use. These and other Ad Council campaigns have been instrumental in elevating public awareness of serious issues and in bringing about social change.

Some of the world leading climate scientists endorsed the campaign, echoing the sentiments expressed by the University of Washington Dr. John Wallace: the risk of serious irreversible consequences within the next 30 years is too great to warrant complacency. All of us should be making personal choice to reduce unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels.€ In addition to Wallace, endorsers included Dr. John Holdren, Harvard University; Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University; Nobelist Dr. Sherwood Rowland, University of California, Irvine; Dr. William Schlesinger, Duke University; Dr. Gavin Schmidt, NASA; and Dr. Steven Wofsy, Harvard University.

The new campaign's compelling advertisements, designed pro bono by New York ad firm Ogilvy and Mather, will be accompanied by a major public education effort including information about simple actions people can take to fight global warming. The campaign will offer a new guide targeted to consumers, The Low Carbon Diet. The campaign website,, also features interactive tools where people can calculate how much carbon pollution they produce in their everyday lives, and a series of simple energy-saving tips.

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