Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Google Earth Add-On Shows Defroestation


If you're familiar with how the Google Earth application works, you'll know that there are certain files you can download -- called KML files -- that show certain themes, such as one that shows all the airports in the world, one that shows typical traffic congestion, etc. These add-ons are one of the aspects of this program that make it so amazing.

Recently, a KML file developed by David Tryse shows the deforestation effects and data from several sources, including live information for each country. "The world has lost close to half of its forests already today, and the continued high pace of deforestation contributes greatly to climate change and the loss of biodiversity," wrote Tryse on his website. Sometimes all it takes is a graphical representation of something as devastating as deforestation to get the general public into the realization that this is a very real problem. For this, we thank you, Mr. Tryse.

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