Monday, June 2, 2008

GreenTech: Thanko 4GB solar media player


Everybody likes the sun; it's the source of pretty much all warmth and energy on earth, makes days at the beach worthwhile, and even though it'll eventually explode and reduce the planet and everything on it into component atoms, that's not going to happen for decades.

Anyway, because using power directly from the sun is much eco-friendlier than using what's packed into the gooey remains of decomposing dinosaurs, new solar-powered gadgets are always nice to see.

This Thanko media player from Japan features a flip-out solar panel which on a sunny day should give you about 15 minutes of use for each hour of charging. Besides its green cred, this little Thanko also has a whack of personal entertainment features including video on a 220 × 176-pixel LCD display, voice recorder, games, software to convert AVI/RM/MPEG/VOB/DAT/RMVB iles to video format, FM radio,music in MP3/WMA/WAV formats, 4GB storage and a microSD memory card slot. If you happen to be entertainment-short on a cloudy day or during an eclipse, the Thanko can also be powered up by standard USB, although that'll take about 5 hours.

The Thanko retails for about 9980 yen, or about US $96 and you can find it on the web, but don't expect a warranty with that.

via [crave]

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