Friday, March 30, 2007

Ocean Safe Biodegradable Plastic


Throwing plastic overboard might be an option for ships in the future. At The University of Southern Mississippi, scientists have been studying and creating plastics that degrade in saltwater into nontoxic and natural byproducts within as little as 20 days.

Ships are currently required by maritime law to be store plastic waste onboard until they can be emptied at port. Unfortunately, not all plastic waste is properly disposed at port and it ends up in the oceans. By creating different types of biodegradable plastics, the scientists hope to replace all varieties of plastics used on cargo ships and eliminate the problem of plastic ocean waste.

Ironically, dumping plastic in the oceans will need to be legalized before their product can be legally used. They have some time however since the biodegradable plastics are still in development, as tests need to be done to see if they will degrade in different ocean environments.


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