Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sweden to launch wave energy site to power 20 homes


Wave Energy Buoys image

On an island right off the coast of Western Sweden near the quaint coastal town of Lysekil, researchers from Uppsala University are putting the final touches on two generators and a small underwater turbine anchored 25 meters down on the sea floor that will turn wave action into energy for 20 homes on the island.

The researchers have formed their own company called Seabased to manufacture and install the wave turbine systems, which they say have a simple robust design, adapted to the slow vertical movement of the waves better than systems currently on the market designed for more intense surface wave action. In Seabased's design a buoy on the surface is connected to the generators - the up and down action of the waves activates pistons and strong magnets inside these, which creates the electricity. A first prototype is scheduled to be installed in early July and within two years the site should have ten generators and 40 buoys. Seabased is hoping the buoys create safe havens for local marine life...instead of the opposite. Via ::Seabased

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