Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Urban Wind Power by AeroVironment

AeroVironment Wind Turbines

The late Dr. Paul MacCready’s firm AeroVironment has long been on the frontier of energy efficient aviation, starting with the creation of the first human powered airplane, and then the first human powered airplane to cross the English Channel. AeroVironment has gone on to design solar powered aircraft that can linger for weeks in the stratosphere and unmanned aircraft that can be launched by hand for military use.

AeroVironment has worked on super efficient aerodynamics at many different scales. You can even purchase an efficient ceiling fan at Home Depot designed by AV.

AV has a new wind turbine designed for city use. From their website:

AV developed a small, modular wind turbine system designed for installation on buildings in urban and suburban areas. By eliminating the support tower, reducing noise and vibration, and creating a sleek and adaptable, modular housing that installs quickly and easily onto buildings, without penetrating the roof, AV defines a new category of wind energy systems that adds value to buildings and demonstrates clean energy at work.

With a sleek, color-matched series of specially designed, highly efficient and low profile wind turbines, property owners can integrate Architectural Wind™ systems easily into new and existing buildings.

Whereas photovoltaic systems are typically located on rooftops, out of sight, Architectural Wind is designed to install easily onto the building parapet, operating in plain site as an attractive complement to the building’s architecture. Additionally, based on its proprietary system design, Architectural Wind turbines rotate at low wind speeds, resulting in a form of “kinetic architecture” that communicates clearly the generation of clean energy. Working alone or in tandem with other renewable energy technologies, Architectural Wind is designed to offer an attractive ROI and cost per kW of installed capacity.

Much More at: AeroVironment

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