Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New cow eat motor oil biodegrades in days

source: http://www.ecogeek.org/content/view/1818/69/

Green Earth Technologies, creator of organic engine products, has released their new automotive lubricant to its G-Oil line, a 10W-30 that has set a new biodegradability standard. The oil biodegraded over 90% in a speedy 9 days, blowing the 28-day rate of decomposition required by the American Society of Testing Materials out of the water. Pretty impressive.

The oil, like the others in the line, is made from saturated fat from cows, which works great for high performance in engines. This new oil is for 4-cycle off-road and recreational vehicle engines and so helps out an eensy bit with the impact vehicles have when operated, though it�s not like these types of vehicles tend to be ultra green in the first place. And it also helps out an eensy bit with the waste from cattle processing, though that industry isn�t exactly very green either. But solutions like this are better than nothing, I give them that.

I think the part I like best is the rapid biodegradability of the product. And no, it doesn�t biodegrade while in your engine. Apparently, when mixed with G-DISPOSOIL, in just seconds used G-OIL is broken down into smaller molecules that are food for microorganisms in soil. You can then literally just pour it onto the ground. I know, the thought of pouring motor oil onto the ground still freaks me out a little bit, too, but apparently this stuff is perfectly safe for the soil. The other thing about the product I like is it won�t kill you. GET products pose no health risks, they don�t even recommend inducing vomiting should you take a swig. I suppose all it�ll do is clog your arteries.

The new oil will be available nationwide in the fall of this year. And you don�t have to just be content with the oil, since they have quite a product listing of items based on animal fat.

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