Monday, June 30, 2008

Report looks at green efforts in quick service restaurants


LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- In the new report "Going Green is Red Hot," Fast Casual magazine and website backs up the assertion of the title by detailing sustainability best practices already in place in restaurants.

The 40-page report provides a look at trends and practices in equipment, construction, food, packaging and marketing. It includes results from surveys along with comments from service industry insiders.

Aimed at restaurants that fall under the fast casual and quick-service banner, the report looks at how to sustainable food choices, eco-friendly packaging, tax incentives for green businesses and environmental legislation.

One of the companies highlighted in the report is Pizza Fusion, which has more than 20 locations in the United States and has strived to integrate sustainability throughout its operations. The company uses organic food and ingredients, delivers pizza with hybrid vehicles, buys renewable energy wind credits to offset all its energy use, gives discounts to customers who bring pizza boxes to store locations to be recycled, has employee uniforms made of 100 percent organic cotton and uses biodegradable food containers and utensils.

"Surveys indicate that consumers are increasingly likely to make environmentally-friendly choices with their purchasing power, signaling a potential sea change in buying practices -- a wave restaurant operators can catch or be caught by," said Christopher Hall, author of "Going Green is Red Hot."

The report is available for purchase as a download or hard copy.

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