Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sanyo releases test results of thinner HIT solar cells


Sanyo Solar Electric released test results of the 85 micrometer-thick solar cell. Sanyo claims their HIT solar cell reached an efficiency of 21.4% at a thickness of 85 micrometer-thick. According to the company when the thickness of the HIT solar cell was reduced the drop in the conversion efficiency was limited because the open circuit voltage rose. Typically Sanyo HIT Solar Panels have an efficiency of 22.3%

This test shows that Sanyo is trying to develop a thinner version of the HIT solar cell while balancing high efficiency. Sanyo Solar panels are highly regarded as highly efficient solar panels and are preferred in the residential and light commercial market in which southern roof space may be limited and since highly efficient solar panels produce more watts per square foot, receive a larger rebate and break even faster these types of solar panels make a good choice when considering multiple brand of solar panels.

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