Friday, September 26, 2008

Convert phone booths into electric car stations, says TH!NK


There's a long history of ideas to reinvent public telephone boxes that, for the most part, are unused and smell of wee. Proposals have ranged from transforming them into Wi-Fi hot spots to designating them as heritage attractions. Now Norway's electric car maker TH!NK has jumped on the bandwagon by suggesting telephone boxes could be made into charging stations for electric cars.

Speaking yesterday at the Essential Cleantech 2008 conference, TH!NK's UK MD Richard Blundell said he'd been in conversations with Spanish telco Telefonica about the concept.

Telefonica, he said, owns thousands of underused telephone boxes in Madrid. He noted the boxes were mostly road-side and all had electrical connections, making them ideal candidates to become electric car charging stations.

Blundell also used the conference to reiterate his belief in a model of leasing batteries to buyers of its electric City car (pictured), which is due in the UK in 2009.

Photo: Knut Bry

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