Sunday, August 30, 2009

Biosphere Home Farming, a concept by Philips


Philips has developed a stunning the Biosphere Home Farming, a concept home farming system that not only provides you with the food you eat, but also delivers fresh hydrogen, heat and gas, which can be further used to nourish plants, illuminate your house or even power your fuel-cell car in the future.
It is a completely interdependent system in which processes rely on one another rather than depending on any external aid.

Biosphere_Home_Farming_concept _Philips1

The structure houses fishes, root vegetables, grasses, herbs, plants and algae under a common roof. The only external aid that the system depends on is nothing more than kitchen trash. Trash is used to nourish the farm, while the methane digester, which the system is equipped with, produces the much desired heat and gas to power lights. Similarly algae produce hydrogen which can be used as a fuel for fuel-cell systems or to produce more electricity. Plants produce oxygen, which is fed into the fish tank thereby feeding fish, which can further feed you.

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