Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ecomodo - The Best of TreeHugger [Ronudups]


This week on TreeHugger, a new place to put dead gadgets, how green is Dell's Latitude Z wireless charging, Apple's Tablet to take Kindle's place in schools, new iPhone apps, and more!

Can Energy Dashboards Change Behavior, Permanently? - West Coast Green looks at the gadgets that help us monitor our energy use, and weigh in on just how helpful they are, or aren't.

See Where Stuff Comes From with SourceMap - Imagine a future in which pointing a PDA at a product bar code returns an instant readout of product source and environmental footprint. That's SourceMap - the Wiki of visualizing supply chains.

Meet Your New E-Waste Recycling Symbol: "4th Bin" Winners Announced - Curious about what to do with your gadgets after the sparks die? Here's your answer...

Friends Again? HP Gets Props from Greenpeace in Latest Gadget Guide - Greenpeace gave HP the what for when they tagged the company's roof with "hazardous products." But it looks like HP has cleaned up its act, and Greenpeace is giving them a hat tip for it.

Kindle e-Reader Hits Schools, Students Say "Meh.." - Kindle got a lukewarm reception when it hit a few university classrooms, though when ! you hear students' reasons, you can't really blame them for giving a thumbs down.

Apple's Tablet to Take Over Textbooks, Magazines, Newspapers - Apple is likely perfectly happy at Kindle's ho-hum school trial, because the company is edging its soon-to-be-released Tablet at just such a market.

Dell's Latitude Z and Its Wireless Charging Misses the Green Boat - The Dell Latitude Z has some phenomenal features...but its new wireless charging is among its least green.

Zipcar iPhone App Makes Car-Sharing Even Better (as Long as You Don't Abuse Remote Honking) - Zipcar, one of the heavy-hitters of the car-sharing world, has released a new iPhone and iPod Touch free app that will make interacting with the company's reservation service and vehicles better than ever.

These Smart Clothes Dryers Could Reduce Electricity Demand by the Equivalent of 6 Coal Power Plants - No joke! Whirlpool announced it will produce 1 million "smart" clothes dryer in 2011 and if all are installed, bye-bye power plants.

Google Earth Ramps Up for Copenhagen: New Layers for Exploring Climate Change Scenarios (Video) - Google has let loose an interesting tool in preparation for COP15 that allows users to explore what the world might look like if various levels of warming, sea rises, and so forth occur. You're able to see played out som! e of the what-if scenarios you're hearing about as the Copenhagen date approaches.

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