Tuesday, January 3, 2012

drag2share: No One Knows Why 20 Tonnes Of Dead Fish Washed Up On A Norwegian Beach

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/dead-herring-nordreisa-2012-1


Norwegians have been left confused after 20 tonnes of dead herring washed up on a beach in the northern region of Nordreisa, reports the Guardian.

Locals are pondering whether a predator or perhaps a storm forced the fish to land as scientist are conducting tests to see if they can identify a cause for the mass death.

According to The Local, some Norwegian experts believe larger fish, such as cod or pollock, or even killer whales, may have chased the herring to shore.

The haul was discovered by a dog walker who told the newspaper that something similar happened in the 1980s, the Daily Mail reports, The publication also said that doomsday predictors are using this event as a sign that the world is immanently about to end.

Additionally, it's not only the fish's arrival that remains a mystery. Locals have no idea how they are going to get rid of 20 tonnes of herring, somewhat understandably.

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