Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Can No Longer Ignore That An Environmental Apocalypse Is Imminent [CHARTS]


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In 1992, global leaders gathered in Rio de Janeiro and made a pledge to protect Earth's climate and biodiversity.

Now scientists are lining up to explain just how badly that pledge has failed. Ahead of the June 20-22 Rio+20 conferencesignificant progress has been made on only four of 90 of the most important environmental goals set down twenty years ago. 

Three recent reports from the The Royal Society's 'People and the Planet,' The World Wildlife Fund's 'Living Planet 2012,' and the UN's own Global Environmental Outlook argue that climate change, population growth and environmental destruction are driving the Earth toward an irreversible collapse.

We've gone through the reports and chosen the most alarming charts and diagrams.  

OVERPOPULATION: The UN estimates that human population will reach between 8 and 11 billion by 2050 (and two out of three people will live in a city)

Most of that growth will occur in the least developed countries where food and clean water are already in demand

OVER-CONSUMPTION: The WFF report found that the world needs 1.5 years to replenish the natural resources that humans consume in a single year

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