Friday, October 5, 2012

Bees Are Producing Blue And Green Honey In France Because They Like M&Ms


Colored Honey

Bees apparently love M&M's. Their hankering for the colored-coated candy has turned batches of honey in France blue and green, Patrick Genthon of Reuters reports.

After an investigation, beekeepers in Eastern France discovered that the bees were not pollinating local flower beds, but instead going to a biogas plant about two miles away, lured by the little chocolates. 

It turns out the plant processes waste from an M&M's factory. Containers of waste had residue of the candy coating.

The plant has now cleaned their containers and will store the waste in a closed off hall that the bees can't get to.

In an interview with Reuters, André Frieh, head of the local beekeepers’ association, said that the blue and green honey tasted like regular honey but it could not be sold.  

That's a shame. I think different color honey would be fun!

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