Friday, December 28, 2012

A Bunch Of Sea Animals Washed Ashore In 2012



Many sea animals (and at least one land walker) seem to have lost their way this year, winding up on sandy shores instead of their native ocean home. 

For the majority of these critters, the story did not end well. 

Here's a look back at all the bizarre creatures, and parts of creatures, that have been discovered on beaches in 2012. 

Thousands of Humboldt squid committed mass "suicide" in December. The cause of these mass standings is still a mystery, but some scientists think that a toxic chemical released by red tides messes with the squids' brain chemicals and results in them becoming disoriented.

Thousands Of Drunk Squid Have Beached Themselves On California's Shores >

A malnourished finback whale, which are endangered, beached itself on a Breezy Point beach in Queen, New York this week. Rescue workers were unable to save the sickly whale and it died a day later.

Beached New York Whale Is Dead >!

A mangled, hairless creature, dubbed the 'East River monster," caused quite a stir in April when it was spotted under the Brooklyn Bridge. The bloated carcass, which was disposed of by the New York City parts department before it could positively identified, is thought to be a raccoon.

Zoologist Helps Identify The 'Manhattan Monster' >

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